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Sunday, February 26, 2006

As the Backstreet Boys came back to their native America and finally gained success, they released their second album in Europe and Canada, the aptly titled Backstreet's Back. In my opinion, it was a total step up from their first album. Their first two CDs were combined to make the American debut, but I think they left out some Max Martin gems that are some of the best songs off both albums.

10,000 Promises - The first Cherion ballad I've posted here, and it's a great one. Max can be versatile when he wants to be :P
That's The Way I Like It - Okay, IMO this is one of the greatest songs in their entire back catalog. I will never understand why it was left off the American album. It's a kick-ass upbeat track. The very first time I heard it, I was attending my first concert ever, where they performed it. I could barely catch any lyrics and had no idea what the song was, but I absolutely loved it. Then I got the import of the second album and I was hooked.

Now for some songs that actually did make it onto the American tracklisting:

As Long As You Love Me (Soul Solution Radio Edit)
- Their second U.S. single off the album, often accused of being a wierd, messed-up song for the lyrics of not caring who someone is (a serial killer?). Everyone knows it, so I put this poppy dance mix up instead, which I got from an exclusive Sears promo CD during their Millennium promotion.
Everybody (Backstreet's Back) [Radio Edit] - This is the song that got me into BSB, and modern teen pop in the first place. (It wasn't because they were cute, because it was the first video I saw, and they were dressed like monsters!) This is the radio edit that features a bridge by Nick, as opposed to the extended version that appears on all later U.S. pressings of the album ("Everybody" was only added on later)
Everybody (Backstreet's Back) [Matty's Radio Mix] - A good poppy r&b type mix from the maxi-single. I think they might have performed this remix on an awards show once.

All right, that's it for today. Either tomorrow or Tuesday (depending on my work load...i've got a theater appreciation exam on Tues.), i'll post up the best Max Martin songs of 1998. It's creepy Svengali day, featuring another group made by Lou Pearlman, and the moment when Simon Cowell began reaching for world domination. Wanna take a guess? Hint: They're both boy bands...

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