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Friday, February 24, 2006

Hey, this is my blog, dedicated to pop music! In a few days i'm going to be starting a chronological retrospective of the best of Max Martin, Swedish producer and songwriter extraordinare. Be warned (or excited) that while some of his biggest smashes will be covered, i'll also include lesser-known tracks, remixes, and alternate versions for the most well-known ones...because if you're reading this, you probably have the good taste to have the original versions already. :)

Anyway, let's kick this off nice with some new songs by the Sugababes. As you may know, founding member Mutya was recently replaced with another girl, Amelle. At first I didn't like her, but her voice is really growing on me. As a result, they decided to do a re-release of their most recent album, Taller in More Ways. It's actually quite the ripoff, including only one new song (it's great, though) and three re-recorded tracks, including their new kick-ass Xenomania single "Red Dress". (Apparently Mutya hated that song, which
all of a sudden makes me extremely happy she left .) So i'll post them all here, along with a live track!

Gotta Be You (Amelle Mix) - Sugababes gone crunk.
Follow Me Home (Amelle Mix) - I think this song is about Mutya's new baby, which makes it wierd that this was one of the few songs rerecorded.
Red Dress (Radio Edit) - The new single. It took me awhile to get used to how Amelle says "cooler" but now I like it almost as much as the original.
Now You're Gone - Great ballad.
Ugly (live with Amelle) - Self explanitory.

They also have a great cover of Arctic Monkeys' "I Bet You Look Good On the Dancefloor", but that's on a million other blogs so I won't upload it. ;) But here's the performance from the NME Awards on YouTube! Okay, now I think Amelle rocks.

Next post starts the Max Martin extravaganza. Not sure what i'll start with, but it'll probably be some early Backstreet Boys.

On a final note, listen to the Chris Cox radio edit of Kelly Clarkson's new single, "Walk Away". (Scroll down.) It's somewhat rock influenced combined with the dance mix. Full remixes (and the video) should be out in a few weeks.

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