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Friday, March 17, 2006

This is the final installment of the Max Martin tribute i've been doing here. Sorry I haven't posted anything in a few days, but i've been really busy with assignments and preparing for my spring break trip to Orlando (don't get too jealous - i'm just visiting my dad). I won't be able to access a computer for pretty much all of next week, so I would've felt guilty if I didn't finish this off.

Anyway...Max (and Luke) hit paydirt again, with Kelly Clarkson. As he is wont to do, Max Martin ran with it and began writing and producing similar-sounding songs for a variety of artists, including the obvious mashup of "Since U Been Gone" and "Shape of My Heart" for the Backstreet Boys' "Just Want You To Know". (Hell, both songs even got a dance remix by Jason Nevins.). So far, none of them have reached the same heights of "Since U Been Gone", but I think they're good regardless. here are some slightly less known tracks.

Marion Raven was one half of Norwegian pop duo M2M, probably best known for the song "Don't Say You Love Me" off the Pokemon soundtrack (shut up...the first CD was good). Now she's also rocking out, with an album that has been doing well in Scandinavia and Asia, with a possible North American release forthcoming. (I'll believe it when I see it...) And we all know who teen pop stars go to nowadays when they want a bit of musical bite with their melodies...she recorded half of her debut solo album with Max Martin and Rami. Her voice is far stronger and mature than before.

Break You - The first single, all good and angry, complete with "Since U Been Gone" ripoff breaking stuff video.
Here I Am - Second single.

End of Me - Third single.
Little By Little
In Spite of Me
Six Feet Under

Next up, another American Idol alumni, fourth season runner-up Bo Bice. In an obvious attempt to replicate the success of Kelly's tracks, Max Martin and Dr. Luke were hired for a couple of tracks on his first album. On the show, his style was more like '70s southern rock than this, and i'm not completely sure if it fits him too well, but the melodies are still good.

U Make Me Better - Because the reason "Since U Been Gone" was so huge was because of its incorrect spelling! :P

Lie... It's Alright

Finally, I bring you to Australian pop duo The Veronicas, made up of Lisa and Jess, two twin sisters. One is dating Ryan Cabrera but i'm not sure which. They also employed Max and Luke for a handful on their debut album, The Secret Life of the Veronicas. Success in their native country has been massive, but unfortunately they haven't been doing nearly as well in America so far.

4Ever - Their debut single, platinum in Australia, and very Kelly-esque, with some harmonies.
4Ever (Claude Le Gauche Radio Edit) - The first single. The original is more obviously influenced by the Kelly songs (anthemic chorus following slower verse, huge guitars), but this is another one of those rock-inflected dance remixes I completely love.
Everything I'm Not - Rumored second single in the U.S. (Still hasn't been decided between this and "When It all Falls Apart.") Slightly slower paced and more melancholy than "4Ever".

So what's in the future for 2006? Well, Max Martin and Dr. Luke are involved in several upcoming projects at the moment, including Pink's comeback album I'm Not Dead in April (tracks including future single "U and Your Hand"...I love them, but I wish they'd quit the "u" crap; it doesn't work for anyone except Prince), several tracks on Kelis' new CD Kelis Was Here, and the first album from former O-Town member Ashley Parker Angel, with several songs, including "I'm Better" and lead single "Let U Go" (WMA streaming links for both tracks).


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