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Thursday, March 30, 2006

I'm back! First off, thanks for all the comments! I really appreciate it. Also, I got a shout out by Dirrty Pop, the kick ass pop blog that i've been reading forever. She can't stand Clay Aiken but that's okay, LOL. Now for another singer who was also on a reality show!

Javine was in the play The Lion King, just like recent eliminated American Idol finalist Lisa Tucker. After that, she entered Popstars: The Rivals, the 2002 series that spawned Girls Aloud, and a boy band I can't remember. She just barely missed making it into Girls Aloud, which from what I gather was somewhat of a shock at the time (I guess along the lines of Tamyra Gray booted from the first season of American Idol). However, she quickly got back up on her feet and released her own album.

Surrender shows that, if not success wise, at least music-wise Javine was probably happier outside of Girls Aloud. It's a standard r&b-tinged pop album. Although it was released in 2003 and I *acquired* it almost a year ago, I never got around to listening to it until today on my iPod...bad me. =) There are some great tracks on it. Unfortunately, after initial success, the album flopped, and she got dropped. She managed to get another record deal after entering the European Eurovision Song Contest, but she placed third to last and the single didn't sell very well in the UK. She is gearing up to release a cover of Shanice's "I Love Your Smile" soon, and was caught drunk driving. Judging from her album, she has potential and I hope she gets everything together.

Real Things - Hugely successful first single, peaking at #4 in England. I can't believe I didn't listen to it beforehand, because this is hot. It has some hip hop flavor but still with a pop sensibility. Honestly, if this song was released by a well known singer in the U.S., I think it could be a hit here in the states. (Rihanna, cover this song stat! You've already gone incredibly genius pop with "S.O.S." and made it a radio smash.)
Best of My Love - This was a single, but not as successful. I think this might be my favorite song of hers; it combines, pop, hip-hop, and Arabian-sounding flavors.
Surrender (Your Love) - This song sounds like it samples something, but i'm not sure what. It's one of those cool, fun songs with an old-school soul sample in it, although the talky bits in the beginning might not be necessary. Granted, they're probably the only thing that would tell you the artist of this song is British.
All About Us - A sweet, sappy ballad about how having money doesn't compare to being in love, which appears to be a theme of several of her songs. I could see an Idol show winner singing it as their coronation song.
Don't Walk Away (Soda Club Edit) - Pumping cheesy dance/trance remix of her cover of '90s one-hit-wonder girl group Jade. Both the album version and Bad Boy Remix (why it has that name i'm not sure, because there is absolutely no sign of Puff Daddy/P.Diddy/Diddy in it) are somewhat lackluster, but this version rocks.
Touch My Fire - Her Eurovision single from last year. It's a huge pop/dance/Bollywood Arabian extravaganza that deserved far better than it got.

To top it all off, here's a performance of the B-52's "Love Shack" she did on the finale of Popstars with the future members of Girls Aloud. You will notice that she is really really tall and towers over virtually everyone.

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