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Sunday, April 02, 2006

This post is about Marie Serenholt. She used to be in the A*Teens, a Swedish group who started out doing a bunch of ABBA covers but then branched out in doing their own great pop songs. They broke up a few years ago, and Marie is stepping out on her own, with her debut solo album, Enjoy The Ride. This is very much a throwback to the teenpop of the end of the last decade, and ocassionally it's too cheesy even for me. It definitely sounds dated (in the best way, but still), and would probably find little success outside of Scandinavia these days, although i've heard rumblings of a UK release.

The album was released in her native Sweden last month, and is short (only 10 tracks), but with some gems. Lead single "That's The Way My Heart Goes" is almost pre-Britney Britney, if you could call it that. The music video that makes her out to be a fembot Jessica Simpson clone freaks me out, but the song itself is nice. That one's been posted elsewhere, so here are some of my favorite album tracks.

Enjoy The Ride - The title track, great sort-of-breezy song that combines some slight guitar work with the pure pop. She doesn't have the best or strongest voice, but her wistful vocals work for this song and some others.
I Love Making Love in The Morning
- Described as the "happiest song ever" on the Popjustice boards, it's upbeat and '60s inspired, much like Emma Bunton's last album.
The Boy I Used To Know - My favorite song on the CD! It's bubblegum stomping joy. I don't know how to describe it, but if you were only going to download one of her songs, i'd recommend this one.
Calling All Detectives - Slower, more mid-tempo track with some "rhythmic talking" (I refuse to call it rapping) and an interesting spin on the cheating boyfriend theme, including a CSI shoutout.
Can't Be Loved - The beginning almost sounds like a semi-jazzy/big band song, until it gives way to another stormer.

Next time, who knows? I think i've got another performer from a far-flung location next, but i'd like to keep it a surprise :)

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