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Thursday, April 20, 2006

...of crap.

something I found at Beall's Outlet for $3 (region-free, no less!). Top 40 Hits (DVD): A bunch of music videos from the late '90s and early '00s, mostly from UK acts. It has some people i've heard of (Spice Girls, Kelis, Shaggy), some people i'd never heard of (Sean Macguire, Imaani, Dana Dawson - the last two songs are good), the mighty Scooch and what i've just discovered is the mighty Louise, and the holy grail of Popjustice crappy videos: "No Way No Way" by Vanilla. Honestly, when reading about them, I didn't believe that they were AS bad as described. Surely they were just another bunch of nondescript attempts at marketing a new Spice Girls, who sucked but were no better or worse than any other cynical clones that came out during that period.

But no. They were that bad. They couldn't sing for a hill of beans, they weren't cute, and the music video makes Girls Aloud's look like million dollar masterpieces in comparison. I watched this in the car DVD player on the trip home because I just couldn't wait. I was giddy with watching the trashy swimsuits, the ripping off of the Muppet Show's "ma na ma na" for the chorus, everything. Apparently they were a bet between two A&R heads that they could take the most untalented, unattractive group ever and get a #1 hit out of them. Luckily, that didn't happen. From what I gather, they released one more single, one of original members quit, and now they are apparently using their "stardom" to pitch for a liberal political campaign in England. "No pay, no way" is their slogan for increasing the minimum wage. Don't get fresh with them!

Of course, this means I finally figured out how to convert my DVDs! I use Videora iPod Converter to make them mp4s and upload them. Before I managed to understand that, I uploaded a huge .vob file of this video, although I have no clue why anyone would want to see this up close and keep it for posterity. Maybe you want to make a compilation of the worst music videos of all time, who knows?

Download link (195 MB - no longer works)

Tomorrow, a huge post about all the music I bought on my trip to Orlando, with lots of actual good songs to cleanse your ears. As for the visuals, I can't help you there.

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