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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Here it is! I'm back and I got the response from Nigel, which is really cool. Since Don'tStopThePop did a Clea album review and linked over here, I felt that I shouldn't procrastinate!

1. How would you describe the sound of your upcoming album, Trinity?
AIMEE: Its a cool mixture of every great sound that makes up pop! Its got a little bit of r'n'b, rock, and dance all put into the one album.

2. What are your favourite songs on the new album?
LYNSEY: We all love 'the lie' which is on of the original songs off the first album.
EMMA: And we love another up beat song called 'Playing the wrong game'.

3. What albums are you listening to at the moment?
AIMEE: I'm listening to Corrine bailey Rae, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, and a bit of the Sugababes too!

4. Emma, Lynsey, and Aimee: what is your favourite song of all time?.
AIMEE Its got to be 'When Doves Cry' by Prince.. or 'Kiss'!

5. What was it like filming your latest music video, "Lucky Like That"? It looked really fun.
EMMA: It was great fun. We loved getting the chance to be 4 different characters with four different looks in this video as we've never done that before!
LYNSEY: And the Clea car I was very excited about.

6. I know "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off" was released in several European countries. Are there any more plans to release your new music
LYNSEY: Yes definitely, if we get the chance to bring our music out worldwide that is definitely the plan. it been great releasing in Europe so far and we look
forward to travelling more!

7. Tell one fact about yourself most people wouldn't know about you!
AIMEE: I am allergic to garlic, it keeps me awake all night if I eat it!

8. How is it being signed to an independent record label? Do you feel more freedom and support than being on a major label?
LYNSEY: Being with an independent label has given us a really close relationship with a record label that you wouldn't normally get. Usually your just another band on their books, but this gives us a chance to have a say in what we do and a lot more freedom too.

9. These days, the pop music scene in the UK hasn't been as successful as it used to be; great songs, including yours, struggle to get high chart positions. Do you think your new single "Lucky Like That" can do well in a climate that seems to be hostile to that type of music?
EMMA: Its true. pop music is a very hard business in the UK at the moment and a lot of great music gets missed. We want to bring some fun back into the charts!
LYNSEY: Lucky Like That is out little baby and we really hope its the one that will break us into the charts, given the right promotion and exposure we need!

10. What would you say to critics that say that your current sound is too bubblegum or dated?
EMMA: We have tried the whole mature pop cool thing in the beginning and it wasn't working for us. We're three young girls who enjoy pop music and that's naturally the direction we chose to go in.
LYNSEY: Like fashion, styles go around in one big loop and we think its time pop came back around. It may not be to everyone’s taste but nobody can cater to everyone!

11. How many tracks off the Identity Crisis album have been re-recorded on your new CD, other than "Download It" and "The Lie"?
AIMEE: All together we have included 5 songs off the original album. There is 'Stuck in the Middle', 'Pretty Little Bad Girls', and 'Butterflies and Rainbows.

12. "We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off" had a bunch of hot guys in the video wearing nothing. If each of you had to pick any male celebrity to serve you hand and foot (in the nude!), who would it be?
AIMEE: Ohh how special does that sound! It would be Wentworth Miller from Prison Break! he is too hot.

13. What's the best part of being in Clea?
AIMEE: Working with my girlies Emma and Lynsey. there great girls to work with and have become like sisters to me.

14. You girls are really talented! How do you feel about miming/lip synching in live TV appearances or PAs?
LYNSEY: Its one of those things that in a lot of cases you have to do. Especially if you have a full on routine or if they don't have the right equipment for live vocals. Were not against it because we do it ourselves at some gigs, but we would prefer to sing live when we have the opportunity to.

15. On PopWorld.com recently, Aimee said that Emma was the only member in the group without a boyfriend. (As a fellow single girl, I'm with you!) Has that status changed?
EMMA: No I’m still a single gal and loving it!

16. Your last single was done with dance act/remixers Da Playaz and had a lot of alternate versions. Are you planning to release dance remixes for "Lucky Like That" or future singles, and what do you think of remixes of your songs in general?
AIMEE: They are wicked if we don’t mind saying so ourselves! ha-ha. there will be an enhanced single that includes four awesome dance mixes by different dj's including Uniting Nations.

17. What location in the world have you not yet visited that you'd like to go to?
AIMEE: I would love to visit the far east or Australia. They are such different cultures over there and it would be an amazing experience.

18. This comes from robpop, who loves you guys - Why aren't you releasing "Kick Back Relax" or "Don't Go"?
LYNSEY: We loved both of those tracks so much. We couldn't get the sample cleared that was used in Don't Go which was a real shame. As for Kick back Relax, we had some trouble getting it cleared with the writer of the song. Lots of politics as usual!

19. Finally, do your best advertisement for my UK readers to inspire them to buy your new single!
EMMA: Lucky Like That is such a fun pop'tastic record that is bound to get you on the dance floor this summer! Its a feel good track that should appeal to everyone and have you singing away. So make us lucky like that by buying our single and getting us our first Top 10!xx

Major thanks to Nigel and the girls!!

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