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Monday, April 24, 2006

She's qutting the music industry. :( Official statement:
As we said, we have some news... as you all know, the official site was hardly ever a reliable source - so this is the nearest thing to an official word you'll get, so on behalf of Jo, we're gonna release this statement for her.
Sorry to have to be the ones to break this to you - but Jo will no longer be releasing anymore singles, albums... no nothing. We're not going to speak out of term about anything that what has gone on, as we were told in confidence and basically she has been let down by a LOT of people, whom she put the trust of her career into.
Before the rumours start - Jo was NOT dropped by Sanctuary, she left them as she was no longer happy with them, and was unhappy in what she was doing... for now she's just gonna take some time out and work out what she wants to do, and she's happy doing that right now - so at the end of the day, thats all that matters - and as a result, the weekend at Thorpe Park was the last public appearance she is going to make.
Now we just have to look on the positive side, Jo's happy and she's healthy - and as long as she is that, then thats all that counts. At least we can still appreciate the music that she bought to us over the past 7 years that shes been a part of our lives.
One thing that we were told - and which we will share is that Jo realises that she will upset a lot of people by quitting, but she appreciates ALL the support she has received from every single one of you over the years.
As for this site, I have been running it and supporting Jo for years and I can promise you I am going no where! It wasn't just Jo's voice and talent we all admired, it was Jo herself and her amazing, fun and friendly personality. So she may not be singing anymore but she will still be around out there, which is all that matters to me - so this site and the forums will remain permanently open! Totally Jo are doing the same too, you can't get rid of us that easily! I will continue to update as, like Jo said to us herself... "it's not like I'm dead!" - which is true... and there is means of staying in contact with her, which we will do and if anything interesting crops up we will of course, share it.
Thanks for all the support - not only for Jo, but of course for the forums and fansites... we all hope you'll stick around.
~ So from all your fans here Jo, and around the world - thank you for everything... and we all wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do. We will without a doubt miss you and your voice loads, but we will ALWAYS be here! ~

She was always my favorite member of S Club 7. As kick-ass as Rachel Stevens' last album was, Jo was by far the best singer and most talented in the group. Hell, their only American hit "Never Had a Dream Come True" was basically a solo single for her! (Their appearance on TRL was funny, because she was the only one who did anything). She had several health problems with her back, etc., which didn't allow her to fully capitalize on her S Club fame, so she only released her first, ballad-heavy solo album last year. This isn't completely unexpected, as the album and single didn't sell. However, she was on an independent record label that was slightly more forgiven, and Jo appeared to be having somewhat of a resurgence due to being a contestant on the TV show Just the Two Of Us, which featured professional British singers (also including Natasha Hamilton of Atomic Kitten) paired with non-singing celebrities of various types and forced to sing. Unfortunately, I guess it was time.

I'm posting some songs of hers as a dedication of sorts.

Relentless (Blue Collar Extended Mix) - Before she decided to retire from the business, the title track from her album Relentless was on several release schedules in the UK, and it apparently got far enough for there to be a promo-only remix made. This one is good.
Let's Love (Metro Mix) - A remix of one of the handful of uptempo/midtempo songs on her album. It's pretty nice.
What Hurts the Most -
Her first and only solo single was originally a country song by Mark Wills, and having it covered yet again by Rascal Flatts and becoming a U.S. smash was probably a blow. I think it works in both genres, but the lead singer of Rascal Flatts' voice can get annoying at times, so I prefer her version.
S Club 7 - Never Had a Dream Come True (Mike Rizzo Dance Mix) - Like I said, it's practically a solo song for her anyway. This remix brings out the bittersweet aspect of the song; sounding happy despite the sad lyrics.
The First Time - Another ballad; b-side to "What Hurts The Most" co-written by Ronan Keating and the Metro team (same as the remixers of "Let's Love"; they also did "Believe" by Cher but this sounds nothing like it at all).

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