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Friday, April 07, 2006

As a rule, I'm not a fan of J-pop. I don't think it sucks or anything, it's just that I have no clue about it other than Utada's English album, and don't know what's the good in any genre is. I guarantee i'll never post it again. However, through Livejournal I discovered this girl Koda Kumi. From my research, she released a club single or two in the United States without success early in her career. Actually, they weren't very successful in Japan either...her career got saved when one of her songs got on the Final Fantasy video game soundtrack, therefore making her the toast of Japanese fans as well as American anime devotees, who flock to the occassional U.S. conventions she performs at. On livejournal they talked about her and how she apparently ripped off an American song, much like the Korean singer whose songwriters are being sued by Britney Spears' for copying "Do Something" for one of her singles. Links to YouTube videos turn into more YouTube videos, and here we are. These songs are pretty good, although they have the required one snippet of English words and the rest of the song in Japanese. One thing I can say is that they mostly keep their songs poppy.

Selfish - This is good. I wouldn't call it rock/pop...it's more like an uptempo dance/pop song using guitars (or guitar sound effects). It's all attitude-y.
Butterfly - Not the Mariah Carey song of the same name; this one is a fluttering upbeat (almost frantic), bubblegum extravaganza. I can see this song in a musical or something.
D.D.D. (feat. Soulhead) - This song was compared to the Moulin Rouge remake of "Lady Marmalade", and I can see that, because it's another song with attitude, a rap break, and a racy video. This song was released last December, during a promotional gimmick that had Koma Kudi releasing twelve limited edition singles back-to-back for 12 straight weeks. (I knew Asian acts were prolific, but damn!) They all did well, and now she is releasing her second (!) greatest hits collection featuring the dozen songs, I guess for those who didn't want to waste their money.
Shake It - This is the song that I first heard, and I honestly don't like it that much. It supposedly rips off a 3LW song titled "Is You Feeling Me" ("what could they expect, they already made the title in Engrish" - someone at LJ). It's more of a hip hop/r&b wannabe thing, and the music video features hilarious, slutty dance moves as part of an ill-advised belly dancer theme.

Music videos featuring varying degrees of sluttiness over at YouTube. Some aren't any worse than your average Christina Aguilera or modern Jessica Simpson video, butsome make you wonder how the hell they got on air, as they are basically BET Uncut material (however, no nudity, blurred or otherwise, which I am personally thankful for, though you might not be) except with more hyper audio accompianment and superior production values.

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