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Monday, April 24, 2006

So i'm back from my road trip, where I spent tons of money at the Downtown Disney Virgin Megastore. That place rocks!! Here is the result of my 70-something dollars spent:

Bananarama - Drama $17.99
I heard great things about this electro pop album, and when I saw the import for this price (the same as Virgin's regular overpriced CDs), I absolutely had to get it. I might regret this if it ever gets a U.S. release, but I doubt it'll come out domestically (unfortunately), and even if it does it's not like Kmart will have it for 10 bucks in the first week. BTW, There's only two members nowadays.
Rules of Attraction

Lindsay Lohan - Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter To Father) $5.99
I bought this single solely for the Dave Aude remix, which I had previously only been able to acquire through a rip of a crappy mp3 stream. It was totally worth it, even though i'm not a fan of Lohan's music career in general. As a bonus, I got the overly dramatic video (directed by her) on the enhanced CD portion!
Confessions of a Broken Heart (Dave Aude Remix)

Various Artists - Help: A Day In The Life $17.99
I thought this was an import, so I got it right away, although it turns out iTunes has it for $11.99. No matter. This is more 'indie rock' type than most of my usual listening, but not that much. It's a charity album with newly-recorded tracks from all the artists.
Hard-Fi - Help Me Please
Mylo - Mars Needs Women

Big Brovaz - OK $0.25
Seriously. The clearance price listed was $1.99, but I was never gonna tell them! This is a pretty good song from the 'cleaner' equavilent of the So Solid Crew, more UK urban-rap-pop. I love Kardinal Beats as remixers, who do a lot of what I would call "hip-pop" influenced mixes of various tracks. Maybe one day i'll do a special of their mixes...they've done loads.
OK (Kardinal Beats Vocal Remix)

Bananarama - Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango) $5.99
The title track is on the Drama album, and is great. One time I actually heard it on local radio during the dance specialty show, and I lost my shit! (They also played a new Dannii Minogue song once. Reminds me - i've gotta go cop Neon Nights one of these days, but i've already spent too much on music this month. :P) I bought the single for the b-side. Unfortunately, it's not that good. I'm into tons of dance and trance stuff, but in my opinion this track doesn't seem to have much of a hook.
Live In The Sun

Various Artists - The Relaxing Album $9.99
This is a pretty good 2-CD chill out set from the UK. The title is self explanitory, although for some reason they stuck "Children" by Robert Miles on there. The back mentions that quite a few of the selections come from English TV commercials.
DJ Sammy & Yanou Featuring Do - Heaven (Candlelight Mix) - When I first heard this version years ago, I thought it was pointless. I mean, "Heaven" was already a ballad when Bryan Adams. However, this one works. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the bigger hit on American radio, and it sparked a rash of ballad versions of dance songs that get all the airplay (D.H.T. i'm looking at you).
Deep Dish with Everything But the Girl - The Future of the Future - Two great dance acts, what more can you say? Deep Dish are responsible for some hot club tracks like "Say Hello" and "Flashdance" (not a cover of Irene Cara's "What a Feeling"...well, not really), and while Everything But the Girl have done a variety of styles of music, in the U.S. they are best known for great Todd Terry remix of "Missing". In all honesty, I haven't had the chance to listen to this yet, but I just wanted to post it for you guys.

Sorry I was so damn late with this...these past few weeks it's been all about finals. I'm seeing Fall Out Boy and All American Rejects on Wednesday (not really pop, so I won't post anything else about it here unless people want to know about it!) and my last exam is on Friday. After that i'll be free! I've got another post ready for today, actually. Coming up soon.

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