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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

First off, head on over to Don't Stop The Pop
to download a version of "DNA" by Mania that does *not* explode after several listens. Thank you!

...please come back, okay?...

This post is by request of sorts. I was planning to save this artist for later, but some of my lovely commenters forced my hand. ;) I present Moonbaby!

Moonbaby was another Xenomania project, being the stage name of Miranda Cooper, a long-running writer with the team. Seriously, look at the credits for their hits up to this day, and she's on them.

Her solo career lasted for one single in 2000, "Here We Go", which missed the top 75 of the UK charts. The song was later recycled for Lene's (of Aqua) solo album Play With Me, and later by Girls Aloud on What Will the Neighbours Say?. As a result, her album was never released, and there was only a promo CD with four tracks.

Thanks to Frisbee (who doesn't have a blog or else i'd link it), i've acquired all these songs, as well as the songs on her only single!

Here We Go - I get how this could have been considered too 'wierd' to be a successful single, especially by an unknown act, when Xenomania were primarily known for remixes as opposed to original songwriting work. It's a fun song, if you're on here you probably know it in some form. If you don't, check it out.
Deadlines and Diets - Another track later used by Girls Aloud, a laid-back midtempo ballad. This is different than that arrangement (unlike the almost identical instrumental used in all three versions of "Here We Go"), because it's almost five minutes long. Honestly, I find Moonbaby/Miranda's voice to be a bit weak (though I tolerate that when the songs are great, like here), and I far prefer GA's version of this because I think Nadine Coyle's stronger vocals work better with the song. Of course, it's all a matter of opinion, so download it and see what you think.
I'm Thru With Love - '60s-inspired track, done several years before the release of Emma Bunton's Free Me album. There are some bossa nova influences in it.
Moonbaby - Nothing better than having your own theme song! It's bumping dance pop with a great beat, which makes me wonder what could have been.

Kitsch Bitch Kool - The freaking AMAZING b-side to "Here We Go". It's a frantic, uptempo poptacular ride that is also on the longer side. In my opinion, this should have been the single...maybe London Records wouldn't have dropped her, but then again, that label was ill-fated anyway. This was the song that was requested in the comments, and now you all can hear it!!
Here We Go [Capoeira Twins Golightly Mix] - It's a sort of breakbeat take on the song, and the remix on the single. It's not exactly a pumping dance mix. I'd compare it most to "Overload" by the Sugababes.

Back in another few days with more musings and songs.

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