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Friday, June 30, 2006

Hey!! I'm back from vacation, but i'm still pretty beat and have to check up on things, so I won't be updating for a few more days, I think. Just some news tidbits:

- THANK YOU for everyone that commented on posts while I was away, both old and new. I promise i'll try to put back up any songs previously posted that have gone down...again, eventually. ;)

- If you have noticed lately, it appears that while I was gone, YouTube decided that I had gotten too many copyright violations (ironically, the last was the very first video I uploaded), so my account (splitchick59) was deleted. I've got a new one now, and i'll try to start putting back up what was lost (the Vanilla video was taken off the site *sob*) sometime in the next few weeks. If some older links/embedded videos don't work, i'm sorry.

- I had a couple of minor pop sightings while on vacation. Our first hotel gave free copies of USA Today to guests, which is where I found out (in a tiny blurb) that Top Of The Pops has been canceled, which is totally bullshit. It made me slightly depressed when I first read it...where will the pop acts go to promote their stuff now?!? There's Popworld and that's basically it. Yes, TOTP2 is continuing, but it's mostly older performances with the ocassional new song, but who actually thinks the rare modern performances will be pop?? The other music shows BBC have wouldn't touch them. Thankfully, CD:UK appears to be coming back, but on the lesser-watched Channel Five, which will put it on about the same level with its just-launched U.S. equavilent, which is solely on one satellite provider. I have cable, so I can't watch it...boo.
Also, I was bored in the supermarket and leafed through tabloids, where I saw one with a column talking about how the lovely Nadine Coyle of Girls Aloud is dating Jesse Metcalfe from Desperate Housewives (which I don't watch), and another had ex-Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton (where's that solo career, man?!?) in what looks like French kissing Prince William on the cover. I don't really care, but it just made me chuckle. Combine that with McFly getting the most publicity they ever have in the States (which is a short sub-minute segment on the E! Channel) for writing a song that is ostenibly about having sex with Lindsay Lohan, although the video is homoerotic enough to fool me...c'mon, naked dudes literally in a closet?)

- Also, Popjustice got new boards (yes, again) while I was away, and I had to sign up again. If you were on the last ones, you'd have to, too, I guess. I hope they'll stay up this time, though. When I left for vacation the site was completely dead, and I was like "great, so pop is dying EVERYWHERE"? But it's not. At least not totally.

- The new Jessica Simpson single, "A Public Affair" is amazing. Justin Timberlake's "SexyBack" (from the 12-second clip I heard, at least) blows chunks, but it will probably be the bigger hit because he's Justin. In my opinion, he's pretty much overrated, with "Cry Me A River" being the only thing he's ever done that's lived up to the hype, except his appearance on Saturday Night Live. ("I'm Ashton Kutcher, and i'm AWESOME!" and Omletteville were classics.)

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