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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Just posting to post, I guess. I don't have anything prepared, but enjoy what's here because it rules. This has even less of a theme than my last hodgepodge post, just some (mostly recent) stuff I found that I thought was cool. Now for the music!! :)

Rescue Me From the Toxic - Britney Spears vs. Rihanna. I'm a fan of mash-ups. Sometimes they turn out amazingly cool, sometimes they don't. This one doesn't stand up to the best i've heard, but it combines two of the best pop songs of the past few years, so how can you really go wrong?!

X (Demo Version) - Liberty X. I think this is the third single from their third album, the pop group that never gives up and never seems to get dropped no matter how little they sell. I still like them, though. This version is different from both the one on the album and the single edit, and I think it's better than both. It has the horns of a Rich Harrison production, so it has that pop/r&b/almost big band combination. It features different lyrics, too, so it's almost like a new song!

Maneater (DJ Cruze Funkfinder Remix) - Nelly Furtado. I've never heard of this guy, but it seems like he might be German. Either way, this is an AMAZING club mix, and not crappy like the slow hip-hop remix featuring Lil Wayne and some idiots in the background yelling "Yup!" like they're Dem Franchise Boyz or something.)

Chelsea - Stefy
. Now this song was a surprise. A catchy electropop band signed to the same record label as Creed?!? Believe it or not, it's true. This debut single was just released this week, and is on the soundtrack to upcoming teen flick John Tucker Must Die, which looks hilarious from the preview. The lyrics of this song are funny too! Check out more great songs on their MySpace.

That's What Love Can Do (Club Mix) - Boy Krazy. Now for some retro. Possibly the one Stock/Aitken/Waterman song that was a bigger hit in America than in the UK, in the early '90s (thought to be past their prime) nonetheless. This is an extended version of the original, a mid-tempo cheesy pop number that I think stands up to the best of Rick Astley and early Kylie. An ill-fated UK trio called Toutes le Filles covered this song in '99, which is how I first heard of it.

I Can't Hate You Anymore - Nick Lachey. If you have this song and "What's Left of Me", there's no need to buy his new album, because all the songs sound the same. This has a good hook, but inexplicably, Jive Records seems to be going with "Resolution" as the follow-up single. Obviously, this song is about his divorce.

A.M. to P.M. (Hex Hector Mix) - Christina Milian. She got dropped from Def Jam recently, after her latest album sold almost nothing and she reportedly rejected "SOS" when presented to her before Rihanna. This is from back when she used to be pop while the American music scene was all urban all the time, and they refused to release her first CD in the States. (Ironically, now that the U.S. is more open to pop music than any time since the glorious teen pop era, Christina starts trying to be hardcore r&b and pretending she's a 'gangsta'. I like "Say I", but i'd buy that so much more from someone like Keyshia Cole. Milian's just too 'cute' for me to buy it.) I actually have a promo pack for this song, featuring a radio single, a 2001 (I think) calendar, and stored in a flimsy clear plastic suitcase with her logo on it.

Back very soon (and I mean it)!

P.S. I'm not going to post that new Beyonce song "Deja Vu" because a) I might get sued, and b) It's not that good. Of course, it's no doubt going to be the most successful and most overhyped song of the summer. Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man" is far better, but I don't think that matters when radio will play a recording of Bee farting the alphabet.

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