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Friday, June 09, 2006

LeAnn Rimes' new album, Whatever We Wanna, dropped in Europe this week. (That's a dumb title, but in a year seeing future releases such as Janet Jackson's 20 Years Old, Beyonce's B-Day, and now Justin Timberlake's Future Sex Love Sound, it doesn't sound quite so bad in comparison). Of course, the album leaks after I already ordered it from Amazon.co.uk. I recieved the shipment yesterday, and i'm not completely sure if it was worth $20, but there are some good songs on it. It's a pop album aimed at the European market (and therefore won't be getting a U.S. release, especially as she is still promoting her last country album This Woman, which just sent a #1 single to country radio this week.). However, it's more of an adult contemporary sound. The vibe reminds me a lot of Delta Goodrem, right down to the duet with Brian McFadden!

And It Feels Like (Hi-Tack Remix) - This was the first UK single from the album, which charted somewhere in the 20s this week. (The rest of Europe got "Strong" instead.) It's a pretty good song, and although this remix hasn't recieved the best reaction from some corners, I like it.
Headphones - This is one of the more upbeat songs on the album, with an almost subdued electro-pop influence. One of the songs LeAnn co-wrote, it has some wierd lyrics, but it has a good melody.
Save Myself - With a slightly different arrangement, this could fit perfectly on one of her country CDs, which makes sense as most of this album was produced by Dann Huff, known for working on those albums and with many other country artists, including Carrie Underwood. As it is, it's the kind of mid-tempo pop/rock number you'd expect from someone like Michelle Branch, or Avril Lavigne when she isn't trying to be angry on purpose.
Destructive - Now this one is angry. I love the lyrics, and this is another song she co-wrote (she did most, including one song that also has a writing credit from her husband, dancer Dean Shermet). Some of the vocals in her lower register can get annoying, but it's a convincing pop song with electric guitars, with some electronic backing...think Girls Aloud's "Wake Me Up". Not quite that good, but I still love it.
Break Me Down - This song is more representative of the rest of the album. It's a nice ballad that would fit on AC radio, and I think it's the best of that kind on the CD. It might be considered boring to some, but i'm into this kind of thing to a degree. It's where the Delta elements come in full force.

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