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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Her name is spelled wrong, but whatever. And yes, that is former CD:UK host Cat Deeley serving as the emcee for Fox and 19 Entertainment's less-successful dance spinoff of American Idol. What makes it even stranger/great is that the dude is Mormon, and he's getting all freaky to Dannii. She might be considered the "lesser" Minogue sister, but I don't see Kylie songs on So You Think You Can Dance! (I do love Kylie a lot, though, and she is my favorite, but it's nice for once that the "other one" gets some shine, however minor and brief.)

Put the Needle On It (Jason Nevins Remix) - This version of the song is better than the original. I just wanted an excuse to post it. It sounds a bit like a vinyl rip, but it's still good.

Some more Dannii:

You Won't Forget About Me (Afterlife Remix) - A good chillout remix. Most of Dannii's recent material is uptempo, so this mix is a nice change ocassionally.
Who Do You Love Now (Monoboy Remix Edit) - A nice dance song by Riva (whoever that is, they seem to do some remixing for LeAnn Rimes and others) featuring Dannii.
Come And Get It (Late Night Radio Version) - This is actually J.C.A. featuring Dannii, the former who did the original "I Begin to Wonder" before she covered it. This song has remained un-released except for a minor release in Germany, and a different remix as a bonus track on the Neon Nights album.
Don't Wanna Lose This Groove - An official mash-up of her own "Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling" with Madonna's "Into The Groove", that is better and more successful than the original. Sort of a follow-up of the Dead Or Alive remix of "I Begin to Wonder", which put that song on top of the instrumental of "You Spin Me Round".
Does Your Mother Know - Thanks to robpop, I now know this is not either a cover of the ABBA classic or actually recorded by Dannii herself. It was a demo recorded for consideration for her Neon Nights album that didn't make the cut. I'll leave it up because it sounds nice enough.

Other stuff coming very soon, including Cheyenne and Appleton. Oh, and I still can't get into "SexyBack", no matter how much I try. And while i'm editing this, another contestant on that show danced to "Some Girls" and basically had a seizure to music, but still escaped the cut. The power of Rachel Stevens.

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