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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Former American Idol finalist Christina Christian was from the first season that Kelly Clarkson won, placing sixth. She did that largely on the strength of one great performance ("Ain't No Sunshine"), and looking strikingly beautiful (to the point where Simon Cowell admitted a crush and often made innapropriately suggestive remarks), because most of the time she sounded like a goat, to be honest, although I kind of have to support her for being a semi-local girl. Infamously, she was not present for her elimination because she had been hospitalized for exhaustion.

She was signed by 19 Entertainment after being eliminated, and worked on an album for several years that was left in limbo, with nothing released other than a track on the American Idol Christmas album, before she finally parted ways from their record label. She is still signed with them to write songs for other artists, however. The last I had heard of her, she had finished her college degree, got married, and had a baby; she had decided to put music on the back burner, which makes sense given that the vast majority of singers from American Idol that release material flop hard.

But that wasn't the end! Like every aspiring artist, she just signed up for MySpace. Her profile features four brand new songs. Her voice has vastly improved on these songs, and since I assume she's working independently it isn't Pro-Tools trickery. I doubt this will see any success for that reason, but "Now That You're Gone" is a great mid-tempo guitar pop song with a beat, my favorite of heer songs. "High On Life" is basically poppy world music. "Everytime the Phone Rings" and "Dear Angels" are catchy acoustic ballads, especially the former.

Sorry, I don't have any mp3s of those songs, because I have no idea how to rip files from MySpace. However, here's most of her musical output to this moment:

Forever and Ever - Christina performed this song on an American Idol 3 results show. It's a Latin-tinged pop song that is a bit derivative, but nice. It's like one of the filler tracks on Rachel Stevens' debut album, but if it was on Funky Dory it would have been single-worthy. I think Christina might have co-written this song; either way, it has dropped into the ether with no trace other than this abbreviated live performance, at least until some other Idol contestant somewhere in the world gets a hold of it, which is a shame.

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