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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hey guys!! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, i've been busy preparing for college classes (new semester begins next week, woot), being sick with a horrible stomach virus, and all that jazz.

To the anonymous commenter in the last post - I don't really have a set schedule for updating. I try to update every few days, but as you see, it doesn't always happen. Sometimes when I have a lot and am really inspired, I can post two days in a row, then it might be a little more than a week. I have some stress issues so I don't really put a set schedule on it. Part is me being lazy, and part is me trying to do/find the very best. When I post I usually want it to be all comprehensive and shit, so I usually don't want to do it until i've found all kinds of obscure b-sides and remixes and write a tiny bit about each. (I've been planning to do an Amy Studt post forever, but some prick on Amazon.co.uk never sent me the "Misfit" CD single I ordered, so that's been on the back burner.) That perfectionism causes problems with it. This blog is basically a hobby and not even one of the big pop blogs, and I kind of like it that way, even though I extremely appreciate everyone who has linked and commented from the bottom of my heart, because it makes me feel good. (Also, *kisses* to any Americans who voted on the So You Think You Can Dance. My favorite, Benji, won!!! I like to think it was a reader of Tip Top Pop that put him over the top.)

My other fantasy boyfriend Clay Aiken is putting out a new single. It's a cover of "Without You", previously done by Harry Nillson and Mariah. Not sure it would be my first choice, but he sounds amazing on it, despite the song being on the adult contemporary side of things. Nowadays that's where a lot of pop goes in the U.S., though. This version was produced by John Fields, who did some work on Backstreet Boys' Never Gone and Mandy Moore's Coverage.

On the what's-next tip, in a few days you can expect a blowout post on early '00s pop singer Melissa Lefton. I bought the unreleased advance CD online and you'll get the whole thing, plus some extras. Again, I want it to be all perfect and everything, but I promise it'll be up soon.

So I don't feel totally pathetic at the moment, I'll leave you with something off the Snakes on a Plane soundtrack, one of many albums i've bought and am planning to buy over the past month (By the way, the Christina Aguilera album is stellar, and i'm happy I waited. I even think it warrants both discs!) and featuring remixes of many emo pop/punk bands. I know absolutely nothing about the Hush Sound except that there's apparently both a male and a female singer, and that Pete Wentz pimped their album by spoofing his infamous nude pics, covering his bits with the CD case. I think it's really good. The piano elements are nice.

Wine Red (Tommie Sunshine's Brooklyn Fire Retouch)

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