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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

After British girl group All Saints broke up, the sister half of the group decided to form a duo. Nicole and Natalie Appleton gave themselves the creative name of Appleton. They became more known for their tabloid exploits than their music. The thing is, their music was pretty good. Their album, Everything's Eventual, had some similarities to the All Saints sound, though it incorporated more rock elements. After some initial success with their first singles, the whole thing went down south. A reunion of All Saints is rumored to be happening later this year.

Don't Worry - Probably their most known hit, which peaked at #5 in the U.K. and was a surprisingly big success in Canada as well, partly due to the fact that both sisters were born there. It's a pretty, atmospheric ballad and probably my favorite song of theirs.

Fantasy (Tom Mandolini Vocal Mix) - The debut single with the highest peak (#2). I can't stand the lyrics that are basically about how hot they are and how all the guys want them (which played into their image at the time), but it has a pretty good melody. I like this dance version a lot more.

Sugarman - Mid-tempo rock/pop number that isn't nearly as dumb as the title suggests.

Open to Suggestion - In the same vein, but with a few more electronic flourishes. One of their better b-sides, though most of them are very good.

Let It All Hang Out - This is a bit wierd. It has some so-called rapping and interesting samples, and is FAR more different from the rest of their material, but it's still worth some listens. The mediocre sound quality is due to it being from a cassette single (I don't think they even make those anymore).

I'm Your Angel - Sweet ballad. Not a cover of R. "Piss on You" Kelly and Celine Dion. Their airy, light vocals work really well on this.

Everything Eventually (Sander Kleinenberg's Remix) - This song didn't deserve to flop anywhere near as hard as it did. The original is a real breezy song, perfect for spring or summer. This adds a new twist while keeping the same vibe.

P.S. If you watch So You Think You Can Dance and love your hapless blogger, please vote for Benji this week. He's talented, funny, cute, and dances to Dannii Minogue songs. How can you go wrong? ;)
P.P.S. I'm still managing to hold out on downloading Back to Basics. I'm surprised at my willpower.

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