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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Again, I know i've been neglecting this blog for a bit, and I feel horrible about it. I got my wisdom teeth (all four of them!) removed last week, and it took me out of commission for awhile. I'm still a bit sore.

Anyway, back to the music, which will be forthcoming regularly!! This is a pretty small post, but more will be coming later. Because of a certain diety that's been bugging Jessica over at POPtastic , she's not going to be posting anything from the UK for awhile. Therefore, I will be carrying the torch for a bit.

This group would probably prefer not to be posted here, because they seemed to believe that they were hardcore rappers, which they weren't by any stretch of the imagination. The first thing you would have noticed about Blazin' Squad is that there were ten members (whose names I won't bother to list; eight rappers, one singer, and another that was supposedly a DJ but whose actual purpose was to cut into the other members' share of the royalties. Their music was far more pop-rap than actual hip-hop. It makes sense, since they all had really preppy real names and went to private school, so they were pretty much fake and therefore despised by many for most of their existence.

I'm basically posting about this because i've become mildly obsessed with the 2003 single "Flip Reverse". I ignored it at the time because I had heard their debut single the year before, a cover of Bone Thugs and Harmony's "Crossroads"...even though i'm not a hip-hop fanatic, there are some classics in any genre that shouldn't be touched, and their remake was horrible. It went to #1 on the British singles charts, so go figure. They released more singles and two albums and went on their merry way, until about a month or so ago when I came across the song. This is proof that even the crappiest groups can pull a decent song out of their asses every once in awhile.

Flip Reverse - This is the jam! If you were into Blue's more uptempo numbers, this is right up your alley, except with more rapping. It has a great Asian-inspired beat, with some mouth-instrument-playing (heh) that manages to not be annoying. The singer is serviceable, while some of the members have decent flow and others, not so much. Judged as a boy band (which they truly were), they were superior rappers to the likes of BSB's AJ McLean in "Get Down" and about as good as Five in that department. This second single from their sophomore album peaked at #2 in the British singles charts.
However, "flip reversing it" is possibly the dumbest euphenism for sex I have ever heard. In this hilarious interview on the comedy/talk show with-a-twist Never Mind the Buzzcocks, former member Kenzie (the one that used to have the 2-2-1 spikes in his hair like Gareth Gates; which I remember because I had a brief infatuation with Gareth in 2002 that caused me to import his debut album) claims that the song could also be about changing anything in your life to do something different. He barely beats out Jadyn Maria in the battle of delusional family-friendly rationalizations for lyrics.
Because i've been playing out this song over the past month, i've been looking at a bunch of stuff on YouTube, like a CD:UK performance that seems to be one of the only times they did the song live. It's interesting just to wonder how the hell they managed to fit so many people on one stage, and they manage to mostly live up to the studio version with some nice touches, like a bit of extra singing ad-libs. I also found a visual interpretation of the lyrics, which reaches its peak when a photo of Michael Jackson's mugshot accompanies the phrase "freaky-deaky shhh--" (censored, of course, for their young fans).

Here 4 One - Less poppy, but still good. Even more so than "Flip Reverse", it's far better when you ignore the fact that a bunch of British teenagers made it, since in some parts they try to sound 'hard'. It was the last single they put out, also from the same album.

Both of their albums are available on American iTunes, but all of their other singles sucked. A streamlined lineup is planning to make a comeback later this year, but I doubt they'll be successful. Three of the members went on to form Friday Hill, a more 'traditional' pop group, whose songs can also be downloaded on there.

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