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Saturday, August 12, 2006

I can't believe i'm wasting my 50th post on this skank, but here goes. Everybody knows "Stars are Blind" by now, which wasn't nearly as horrible as I was expecting. Anyway, the album Paris has leaked, and most of it is horrible. Her over Scott Storch hip hop tracks is hilariously bad, the one ballad is extremely ill-advised, and the less said about her cover of "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy", the better. But probably because the girl is so damn rich that she can afford decent producers and songwriters, she even managed to get a few better than decent tracks out of it.

Nothing in this World - Written and produced by Dr. Luke, but not another in the procession of "Since U Been Gone" clones. It's more electronic/dance influenced. Apparently this is going to be the next single. It has the typical lyrical content of this album (i.e. Paris Hilton is really sexy), but it's tolerable with the hook.

Screwed - Different from the remixes that were out a few years back, it's great dance/rock. It has a great melody and was co-written by pop impresario Kara DioGuiardi. The title has obvious implications, but the song really has nothing to do with the sex tape unless you read into it a lot. It just makes me want to hear Hailey Duff's version more.

I Want You - This is all right; I don't really like it that much, though it's grown on me. It's mainly notable for sampling Frankie Valli's "Grease", and was produced by the same guy that did Rihanna's "SOS", so he's very adept at using samples. Pure cheese. There are some decent belted vocals at the end that I swear aren't actually her.

If this post saves one person from buying her album and putting more money into her useless coffers, I did my job. (Lest you think it's solely my bias, listen to the whole album here.)

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