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Monday, September 18, 2006

Just kidding. But this girl deserves to have the #1 single this week. I have no clue how she could barely scrape the top 10. (Maybe it was the cameo appearance of furries in the video that turned off buyers?) A lot of people have probably heard Jamelia's new album Walk With Me by now, even though it doesn't drop for another month or two. Hopefully this isn't a repeat Rachel Stevens situation (No. 10 placing, extremely advanced leak, album bombing). Jamelia has more media buzz; i've even seen her on the cover of UK Cosmopolitan imported into Waldenbooks.

Window Shopping - Hot uptempo tune. For some reason it kind of reminds me of Mis-Teeq, although a bit more pop. Maybe it's the great sound effects?

No More - Very waltz-sounding midtempo. I actually think the harpsichord backing gets overbearing and a bit annoying at times, but it's very unique for a song in 2006.

Got It So Good
- One of the uplifting r&b pop tracks that have been coming out of the UK for the past year or so. I'd compare it to Maria Lawson's "Sleepwalking" and Simon Webbe's "No Worries", because although it doesn't actually have a sample effect like those do, it has a similar vibe. I love this kind of song, and this is no exception.

La La Love
- This is probably the song on the album that sounds the most like "Something About You", with the rocky influences. The pre-chorus that goes in the chorus is great.

I'm not posting "Beware of the Dog" because a) you've probably already heard it, and b) I want the Brits among here to buy it so she doesn't flop.

Still looking for the Melissa Lefton CD...seems as if i've misplaced it, huge packrat that I am. I'll post whenever I find it. I'm going to keep up this blog, I swear, although sometimes it looks like i'm neglecting it. Also coming soon (whichever definition that is): another batch of pop remixes and Tyler James.

A note to leave on: LaToya Jackson's unreleased album Startin' Over, featuring the hilarious, bad lyric filled single "Just Wanna Dance". Cheesy dance pop with bad vocals and some half-assed melodies. Sure, it sucks, but it can't be any worse than her sister's 20 Y.O. Not that it's ending up on my iPod or anything, but I could see someone out there genuinely enjoying this, and I deal with enough shit for my own music taste without throwing stones. "C'est La Vie" isn't bad in a utterly dated way.

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