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Monday, September 11, 2006

Stephanie McIntosh is on Neighbours, the Australian soap opera (also popular in the UK) that helped launch the pop careers of Kylie Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia, and Delta Goodrem. She has her own reality show chronicling the creation of her album like Ashlee Simpson. She kind of sounds like Hilary Duff, but better. She's even related to Kylie's 80s sometimes-duet partner Jason Donovan. And she just came out with a damn good pop album named Tightrope. The first single, the watered-down Clarksonesque "Mistake" (better in its remixed form) is a hit in her homeland, but it's nowhere near the best song. Here are some of my favorites.

Tightrope - The second single from the album, an electro-pop influenced song with the rocking chorus common in both this album and pop today, but it sounds different from the rest of the tracks. It serves the Autobiography role, in that it's both the title of the album and the theme song to her show. Hopefully she doesn't get caught lipsynching while attempting to perform it on TV. ;)

Wishing and Hoping - An uptempo take on the Dusty Springfield classic, given a makeover for 2006. Some could consider this version sacreligious, but I really like it.

You Don't Love Me
- The strings are a nice touch to the formula, with a really catchy chorus.

God Only Knows - Not a Beach Boys cover, and very good. It's one of the more attitude-filled songs, and it's under three minutes long!

So Do I Say Sorry First - Probably the fastest-paced song on the album. This must be a single at some point. It's a bigger stormer than anything the Duff has recorded, and any emo-pop band would want the instrumental for themselves.

The Night of My Life and Untitled bonus track - Both sweet, acoustic ballads that show off the pretty voice that might not be in evidence on some other parts of the album. I'm mainly posting them because the album itself contains a few minutes of silence in between both, and edited them both because I can't be wasting precious hard drive space on my iPod for blank noise. The untitled track is airy and slightly faster, and I kind of think it sounds almost reminicent of being in a field of flowers or something wierd like that.

I highly reccommend the entire album. Other good tracks include "Overcome", "Sink Like a Stone", and upcoming 3rd single "You Should Have Lied", but it's really all good, especially if you enjoy the songs I posted.

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