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Friday, December 15, 2006

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Hi!! I'm not dead, just floating.

If there's anybody still visiting this thing, i'm sorry for neglecting it for the past several months. I've been busy as hell with school work and dealing with these comments and slacked off as an idiot. If you happen to come across this, tell people to come back! I promise to start updating regularly again.

This is another one of those remix posts. Promo-only, radio length, of current or future pop hits. Enjoy it for your holiday parties!

Nick Lachey / I Can't Hate You Anymore (Jason Nevins Remix Edit) - Yet another reflection on his divorce; not as big a hit as his first, but I actually like this better. This is another macro Nevins dance/rock mix, but still good.

RBD / Tu Amor (Chico Latino Mix Radio Edit) - These soap stars from Mexico are huge in the Latin pop world. After smash albums in Spanish and Portugese (!!), they're trying to break into the English-language market, after already selling out arenas in Los Angeles, New York, and my Miami. This debut single has been a minor hit, though a bigger one here. The original is kind of dated-sounding, but it makes sense given that it's both a Diane Warren-penned composition and a Jon B. cover. This version makes it more upbeat and happier-sounding. Fun fact: although you can't hear it from this song, there are also girls in this group!

Nelly Furtado / Maneater (Richard Vission Solmatic Edit) - One of the best songs of '06, and this leaves in elements from the original while still changing it up. The morons leave out the chorus in this mix; otherwise it'd be perfect. Still, you can't go wrong with this mix of the UK #1 and unfortunate U.S. flop. (Thankfully, "Say It Right" has gone top 10 in the Billboard Hot 100 this week, so not all is lost. Hopefully a Europe release is also forthcoming.

Justin Timberlake / My Love (Paul Oakenfold Remix Edit) - Another great song and smash hit; one of the best versions i've heard, which I originally came across listening to ipartyradio.com. It doesn't manage to improve on the original, but that's virtually impossible. After tons of radio overplay, it's a nice new spin on the tune, and as a bonus for some, T.I.'s rap has been cut out.

Kim Wilde / You Came (Groovenut Remix) - An '80s song I hadn't heard until this year in a Pandora radio set. Typical boppy amazing pop from that time, from an artist I didn't know outside of her cover of "You Keep Me Hanging On" and "Kids in America" (and that was mostly from the No Secrets version...). Wilde herself remade the song in a more current, Kelly Clarkson-esque style along with other hits as well as new tracks, this year. Both versions are great. Ironically, this dance remix harkens back to the original version more, though I believe it uses the new vocals.

There will be at least one more post this weekend, which will remain a surprise. (And yes, it will come! LOL). For now, I'll just say it's involving a female artist.

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