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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Aargh, Internet Explorer crashed and ate my post, and it's really late. So here are the live songs I was going to post from the lovely Kylie Minogue, who is making a return from her break due to fighting breast cancer with her tour and upcoming album. If you come here, you probably know she rocks. Another time i'll probably do a bigger post, not with background because most people know that, but more of my "history" with getting to know her music that was going to go here. Anyway, check these songs out because she's genuinely good live, and not just in the production spectacle sense.

What Do I Have to Do (Live) - From 1998's Intimate and Live, a must-have 2-CD set of a concert tour. Less well known than "I Should Be So Lucky" gone torch ballad from that tour, but still good. Nearly 9 years old, but this version sounds like fresh pop rock.

Should I Stay or Should I Go (Live) - She manages to pull off this Clash cover from the same set.

Better the Devil You Know (Swing Version Live) - My own rip from the Live in Sydney DVD, this is a sweet big band makeover of the classic, which I am ashamed to admit I first heard through the Steps cover version.

Spinning Around (Live) - This is from the Body Language tour, basically sounds like the original studio recording but extended. It fits because it was her "comeback" single after several underperforming (albeit amazing) albums, and Paula Abdul co-wrote it, and American Idol is coming back on soon. Why can't she write the coronation songs?

Kids (featuring Bono) (Live) - These next two songs are from her new double CD Showgirl Homecoming Live, which shows her triumphant return continuing the Showgirl tour she was doing before she was diagnosed. Even the U2 frontman loves her, to suprise her to take the Robbie Williams part of this duet. Most likely because the real Robbie is busy cross dressing on youtube.

Burning Up / Vogue (Live) - A medley of one of my favorite album tracks from Fever and Madonna's great track, being ironic since Kylie has been referred to as the "Australian Madonna", though I feel she's her own individual pop star in several ways. Don't ask me to say which one I think is better, because I honestly can't decide.

White Diamond (Live) - If this was on a hip-hop mixtape, here's how DJ Clue would introduce it: NU KYLIE! WHITE DIAMOND! WRITTEN BY SCISSOR SISTERS! MISS MINOGUE! IT'S HOT! Thankfully, it's not on a mixtape, so we can hear it in all its glory without annoying yelling all over it. It sounds very Scissor-esque, but better than most of what i've heard from them in my opinion. It doesn't quite sound like "I Believe in You" (the other song they did for Kylie) either, but it's great. I believe this could be a hit as is, released as the live version. The vocals are on point and so is the music.

To finish it out, here's another example of why the Christmas episode of Top of the Pops is one of the best things in the universe, and why even the BBC couldn't bear not to bring it back after cancelling the proper show. This is Kylie's energetic and live 2004 medley of some of her hits.

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