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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

First off, happy new year! Hopefully pop music continues to kick ass in '07.

Now for the actual post. Bad Candy were a rocky pop group from the Netherlands. Their MySpace profile states that they play their own instruments. I'm not sure when exactly they formed, but their first single was released in 2003 or so, the catchy "Not My Father" (click here for the video), which featured a fifth member that later left the group after their follow-up of the No Secrets/Ruby Blue cover "That's What Girls Do". Natalie (who is actually from Scotland) was then recruited as the new lead singer, although Janneke, Stefanie, and Chantal also share lead vocals in addition to their instrumental duties. A great full-length album and several singles (including "Spin Around", a song from the amazing Josie and the Pussycats soundtrack) followed, but they split late last year, shortly after the album release.

More More More - More dance-y than most of their other tracks; very Europop. This was a single, but i'm not sure how successful it was.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Yet more pop recycling, this time of Cyndi Lauper. This was a top 10 hit for them, seemingly their biggest hit. This is strangely on American iTunes and has recieved horrible reviews, but I think they put a fun pop-rock '60s-ish spin on it. (Also check out the b-side "Girlfriend", also on the album, a fun number in a similar style)

Bloodtype R - Another one of those "rebel" songs that you get from Ashlee Simpson and the like. It was written by Andreas Carrlson, who has worked with Britney, Backstreet, and Westlife among others; and Paul Stanley from KISS, who did "Angel to You (Devil to Me)" for Click Five, so it's like the best of both worlds. You can hear the influence of that song in this, with the handclaps in the background and all, but it's faster.

When I Made Love to Him - This is a little more midtempo, but still upbeat. Kind of think McFly as girls, except better than Faders and Love Bites combined. Bad Candy actually had their own Nickelodeon show in Europe (at least judging by the DVDs offered on Amazon), which makes it funny that this song is about cheating on your boyfriend but thinking of him during the sex. It's a sunny, younger companion to "I Heard Love is Blind" by Amy Winehouse, except that Bad Candy/their writers express regret.

Worlds Apart - Written by The Veronicas, which puts it in the esteemed line of great pop songs such as "All About Us" by TATU and Kate DeAraugo's "Faded". It's one of the few ballads on the album, and the big power ballad with some strong vocals near the end.

Stupid - One of the more rock-influenced tracks, which is slightly slower paced and a bit "harder". Probably one of the most American of the songs here. It's a bit sub-Kelly Clarkson, but sub-Kelly still makes for good songs. Bad Candy in general were pretty derivative, but their material stands up to "real" pop music, moreso than Hannah Montana, Emma Roberts (of Unfabulous), and maybe even Hilary Duff.

I highly recommend the entire album. It's available at the usual sources, as well as Amazon.com. Their MySpace page seems to be pretty active with posters for a defunct band. I only found out about this group a few weeks ago, and I wish they were still around.

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