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Monday, March 12, 2007

Sorry, no music today. I'm waiting on some more import singles at the moment. This is just a post about pop musings/attempted humor, inspired by this exercise DVD featuring the female members of Liberty X. Celebrity workout videos seem to be rampant in the UK (as opposed to America, where most people releasing them actually seem to be professionals), but they tend to run more towards the soap star side of the spectrum than pop stars. This needs to be rectified. Here are my ideas.

The Steps Workout
That flab is Better Best Forgotten with this exercise DVD!
Steps recognize that they have been referred to as glorified aerobics instructors. They take this criticism to heart by showing you the famous high-energy dance routines for their singles for cardio!
Bonus Kickboxing Segment: Blast away those calories while punching H as he proceeds to incessantly say "ooh ooh".
Packaged with the Lisa-Scott Lee Electric Slimming Belt. It claims to effortlessly burn away belly fat through electricity. It fails, much like her solo career. That's how you know it's an Official Scott-Lee ® product!

Cardio Striptease with the Pussycat Dolls
Don't cha wish your workout videos were hot like this?
The other three whose names you don't know lead you in these hot routines that justify their presence in the group! Nicole does all the talking, while Melody is absent for most of the tape and pops up near the end.
We will be having a second season of our reality show soon, so work out so you can become the next anonymous Doll!

Madonna's Extreme Yoga
Increase your flexibility to pose yourself in ungodly positions, so one day you, too, can be a living pop legend.

Sugababes: The Circuit
Keep your metabolism up by alternating between different cardio and light weight exercises. A different member pops up every minute to keep you entertained and focused for each new exercise. Special guest appearances from Siobhan Donaghy and Mutya Buena. In fact, Mutya is actually included on most of the DVD except for the very end, yet Amelle is on the cover anyway.

Natasha Bedingfield's Pregancy Workout
Appropriate for both pre- and post-natal women!
When you're thinking about having someone's babies, you need to prepare your body for it, especially if they actually will be springing up like daisies.
Warmup and cooldown consist of dancing with animated boomboxes.

Extremely lame, I know. I was just inspired.

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