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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hi everyone! I apologize for not posting for awhile. I've been taking a bit of a sabbatical from this blog to get my own life in order and come up with a schedule that allows me to take care of both my online life and my real one. However, there is tons of new music that has been coming out that is awesome, plus older stuff i've been getting into.

Jessica Folcker is a Swedish singer, who has been around since 1998. After doing a bunch of backup singing, her early work was done with Max Martin and Denniz Pop. Until now, her piece de resistance has been "To Be Able To Love", off her second album Dino. In an attempt to break the American market, she changed her last name to "Folker" and released this song as a single. Unfortunately, despite being featured in the classic Lance Bass movie vehicle On the Line, it found little success. However, it became a dance club smash in the form of a remix by Jonathan Peters.

To Be Able to Love (Jonathan Peters Club Mix) - Catchy and uplifting. If she wanted to, her voice would allow her to be a dance diva.

A few years later, she featured on a collaboration with the Bomfunk MC's, a cover of the Frida (former member of ABBA) song "I Know There's Something Going On"

Something Going On - Jessica does the chorus bits only, with the Bomfunk MC's rapping the verses. It's a nice rock/dance/rap hybrid update.

This year, Jessica's third English-language album (fourth total, including a CD in Swedish), Skin Close, was released on an indie label. She jumps on the electro-pop train for most of this one, although there's also a duet with world music legend Youssou N'dour. A lot of the album was done with Kleerup, currently known for his kick-ass collaboration with Robyn, "With Every Heartbeat".

Hot Night - This is my favorite song off the set. The verse melody at the beginning reminds me of the chorus of S Club 8's "Sundown". This song sounds like it could actually belong in the '80s. The guitar and piano effects sound a bit retro-esque.

Snowflakes - This is the first single off the album. It's in a similar vein. This is so catchy. I love September's album In Orbit, and this reminds me of that album a bit. There's an acoustic/jazzy ending that I think could make a great alternate version of this song if extended.

Always Something - I could swear this is a lost track from Rachel Stevens' Come and Get It. It sounds a bit more modern than the '80s electro influences in other places. It's a bit more laid back.

Spell I'm Under (Part II) - This has some sweet strings in it. It's more retro and disco-esque than the more guitar-influenced version of "Spell I'm Under" also on the album.

Random Jessica trivia: she has entered Melodifestivalen (which selects the Swedish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest) twice in 2005 and 2006, but did not win either time.

Keep staying tuned for more posts and some giveaways, I promise!

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